Modern loft condos – London’s Most Luxurious Sold Out Address

London’s first modern loft project, North Point offered its clients 51 residences ranging from 1100 to 2000 sq. ft. Standing four storeys and perched on the heights of the city, North Point demonstrates attention to detail on both the inside and out. Open-concept lofts with high ceilings, full-height windows and generous outdoor living areas incorporate clean lines and premium materials to marry interior and exterior space in a way that blurs the distinction between you, your home and the horizon beyond.

Not just a place to live… It’s a way to live

Ideally located at the Masonville crossroads of shopping and entertainment and perched on the heights of the city, North Point is the definition of modern loft living. With easy access to hospitals, Western University, downtown London and some of the area’s best golf courses, North Point is as much about how you live as it is about where you live.

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